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Rhythm Pro Musician

Improve And Develop The Rhythmic Element Of Your Music
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Read Rhythm
Sing And Play Rhythm
Whole, Half, Quarters, 8th, 16th, Triplets
Time Signatures
Rhythmic Patterns
Write Rhythm In MIDI
Using Rhythm In Your Music Productions
Recognize Rhythmic Patterns By Ear


This is a class designed for anyone who is ready to take his music career (or music interest) and develop it into something more.

Whether you are an active musician or an aspiring one - you will find this course intresting and developing.


I'm Gal Peiser, I'm a full-time Music Producer and Music Teacher.

I'm teaching music out of passion to share inspiration, knowledge and skills with students around the world.

If you have any questions about the content or composing or producing in general, I will always be responsive to questions and messeges.

We all know you have to practice to become a better musician.

Most teachers don't have the paticence or the right plan to teach you the very foundations of rhythm so you can grow in the right direction.

In this course you'll find step-by-step lessons, explaining evreything in simple language, so that evreyone who is ready to invest his time and practice will be able to understand and develop.


  • Develop Professional rhythmic hearing.

  • Be able to create the rhythmic motives you imagine.

  • Improve your music and productions by taking your rhythmic skills a leap forward.

  • Communicate better with other musicians in the rhythmic domain.

  • Perform better live and in the studio when working on rhythmic elements.

  • Gain a professional understanding of the rhythmic elements.

  • Create groovy new rhythmic ideas.

So, is this course for you?

Honestly, I have no idea - but you can ask yourself:

will I benefit from this learning?

do I need to improve my rhythm skills and understanding?

anyway, you've got nothing to lose! We're offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

Scroll up and click the "Take This Course" button now.


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Rhythm Pro Musician
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