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Rhino Beginner to Advanced Fast Track 3D Modelling

Rhinoceros 3D modelling fast track course method: create 3D architectural/design models and constructions
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Students will learn how to model in 2D and 3D, managing the complex Rhinoceros program in a fast track course method, which emphasizes in learning the essentials of Rhino in order to portray what you have in mind, directly being able to construct a three-dimensional model in the most precise, detailed and rigorous manner. I have been teaching Rhino 2D and 3D modelling to students and architecture professionals in a fast track course method which will grant students the techniques, methods, and abilities to master the essentials of Rhinoceros within a few hours.
You will be able to create freeform shapes mastering the techniques of curves, surfaces and meshes to optimize 3D modelling. This course will not only teach you the essentials of 3D modelling, but includes features that allows simple, concise and effective techniques for 2d drawings and drafs, in order to develop technical illustrations.
The course is divided into four different sections, in which students will become familiar with the Rhinoceros program and master the essential functions that makes this program a potential advantage in the future of the design technology. Students/professionals will also learn how to model the key elements that define and compose an architectural construction from scratch, being able to master the technique of 3D modelling, using a variety of different elements that can widely vary in many different scales.

The "Rhino Beginner to Advanced 3D Modelling" course covers the essentials and complete structure of 3D modeling with Rhinoceros program. This course is designed to guide students with zero or low familiarity of 3D modelling in rhino to an advanced level in the technique of modeling in just a matter of hours. This course will guide you through four main categories which will assure your complete understanding of Rhino modelling:

1. Introduction: This section will show you a precise overview of how the course is organized (sections and sub sections), what you will be learning, and getting to know your instructor.

2. Becoming Familiar with Rhino: This section will ensure a complete understanding of Rhino's main default menu, which includes many tab configurations, side bars and panels, viewports, properties, etc... The idea is to give an overview of how the Rhinoceros program organizes all of it's functions and commands in order to give the user knowledge and a complete understanding of all the potentials that Rhino has in relation to the upcoming technologies.

3. Modelling a house - 2D and 3D construction: This section will go through the process of modelling a house in 2D and 3D, with all of the key elements that an architectural construction requires; by these means, these include: Foundations, plinth beams, subfloor concrete and ground levels, inner and outer walls, access points, beams, slabs, ceilings, roofs, windows openings and exterior features. At the end of this section, the user will have a complete understanding of the different techniques and methods in order to model a house from scratch.

4. Representation and exporting of 3D models: This section will emphasize in teaching the user which are the most precise, acurate, rigorous and interesting ways one can show, export or present a final product. This section will go through different methods of representation which include 2D line drawings (from a variety of different perspectives) and 3D model renderized representations. This section will also teach the user how to use render materials in 3D models in order to render models and have a realistic representation of an architectural/design/structural model.

Rhino Beginner to Advanced Fast Track 3D Modelling
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