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Rhino 3D tutorials with Rhino V6 ( updated version )

Updated version from the best seller Rhino 3D tutorials V5 & V6 Beginner Level to Advanced Level
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Learn from the ground up the skills needed to make surfacing designs. Whether you're a designer, engineer, architect or hobbyist.
You'll develop the necessary skills to create anything you can imagine as a digital model , ready to be rendered and prototyped.

This course is the updated version of the best seller Rhino 3D v5 &v6 Beginner Level to Advanced Level.

I wanted to keep make an updated version with some new insights about Rhino 3D V6 version. Since Rhino V6 came out for Mac and Windows this learning tool should prove useful for new Rhino users. If you happen to be a v5 user, you will have no problems following along as well.

Rhino 3D tutorials with Rhino V6 ( updated version )
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