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Rhino 3D : Jewelry Design In Action

Modeling a Three-Stone Ring in Rhino
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Get to know Jewellery techniques for designing jewellery with computer and Rhino 3D
Learn advance tips and tricks in Rhino
Design CAD models within the metrics of scale, proportion and element relationships
Increase ability to work as a Jewellery CAD designer or Jewelllery CAD Technician in jewellery companies or be self-employed

In this project, you will learn how to make a three-stone ring in Rhino by using advanced techniques and commands. Also, you will learn how to make basket and bead setting, from scratch.

Rhino 3D is the most common software for jewelry (Jewellery) CAD designing in most countries. In this course, you step by step will learn how to make jewelry in Rhino from scratch. Also, you will have access to all of the information (International Ring Size Conversion Chart) and files ( Such as stones).

The projects help you convert sketches to 3d models and bring them to the real world by using 3D printers and casting process. Activities in this training allow you to practise the materials. These are the skills that are possible to influence possible employers and clients.

If you do not have any experience in Rhino and jewelry CAD designing, it would be better to first take " Jewellery Design in Rhino - Fundamental Jewellery Designing Techniques in Rhino 3D " course by Hamed Arab .

Rhino 3D : Jewelry Design In Action
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