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Rhino 3D Hexagonal Geodesic Dome like structure full lesson

Create a hexagonal dome structure and use the same steps for any other pattern
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How to create a dome

In this class you will learn some how to create a subdivided dome with a hexagonal grid. The design resembles one of a geodesic dome, although it is not one. This is simply another method of creating a triangulated subdivided surface. These steps can be used to create other shape domes or structures.

These tools are great for students who are trying to expand their design arsenal.They will allow you to create some impressive geometries in a quick amount of time.The tools here are just the start of what is possible to create with Rhino 3D.There are other plugins and software that can create these structures in simpler ways. But it is also important to understand what steps need to be taken to create it from scratch without aid from other plugins. Make sure to follow me for future lessons.

Rhino 3D Hexagonal Geodesic Dome like structure full lesson
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