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Aristotle on Advertising

Rhetoric for Writing and Communication Strategy
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Develop strategic communications to move others to action in order to achieve your communication or business objectives. Also, how to plan your communications systematically by identifying exactly “what to say/write” and “how to say/write it.”

A combination eLearning micro-course and accompanying business eBook.

"Rhetoric” has gotten a bad name. Today, it refers only to misinformation, untruthful communications, or propaganda. But “classical rhetoric” is actually the study of effective writing and speaking—and it’s been taught for more than 2,500 years since the time of Aristotle and ancient Greece. The proven tactics and strategies of classical rhetoric are a powerful means of developing strategic communications, as well as improving one's writing and presentation skills. This advanced course is designed for professionals in the "persuasion" businesses of advertising, marketing, sales, public relations, fundraising, and lobbying. The course is based on the instructor's business eBook, "Winning Through the Art of Words," which is offered as supporting course material.

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Aristotle on Advertising: Rhetoric for Writing and Communication Strategy is part of the instructor's 3-ebook/eLearning course catalog entitled “Ageless Wisdom @ Work.”

Aristotle on Advertising
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