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COMPLETE Red Hat Server Administration: RHCE

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On completion of this course, you would have complete understanding of RedHat Linux, including its operations and tasks.
You would rule Command Line Interface and successfully perform almost any operation with commands.
Could make use of a vast range of tools and utilities in both graphical and command line interface.

In the age of digital transformation, a wide range of technologies are discovered and still many are there in waiting list. This technology changes the world within three decades. We can't imagine the world without them. And it becomes more crucial that every technologies combine together in such a way to handle complex environment, whether it is bare metal to virtual, cloud or containers.

A perfect OS (Operating System) that should be reliable, scalable, performance driven and security oriented. Yes, Red Hat Linux is one of the OS to manage such a complex workload and deployments. It is most trusted Linux distribution when you consider Security and Reliability factors. RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) has largest market share of OS used on Back-end servers. Where Ubuntu is more popular Linux distro among personal computer users, RHEL is most popular among Server administrators and IT professionals.

If you are preparing for Red Hat Certification exams, this course can help you understand all the concepts required, and the skills expected from a Red Hat professionals. In this course, you'll be going to learn and practice about various services, utilities, commands and many more.

You'll learn to use wide range of commands for text processing (grep, sed, cut, less, pipe, tr, etc) handling, process management (ps, pstree,top, kill, etc) file management (CD, ls, touch, etc), file permission (chmod, chgrp, chown, etc in both symbolic and numeric methods, logging, Networking, system administration, mounting, installation (yum) and many more such things.

After building foundational concepts, you'll be able to automate the various tasks using shell scripting with the help of crontab where there is need for manual intervention.

In this digital world, competition level elevated so much that you'll require the certification that recruiter can validate your skills and hire you.

This course is built in such a way that it helps you to build foundational concepts as well as prepare you for Red Hat Server Administration: RHCE certification.

So what you're waiting for? Enroll this learning path to be part of the open source community.


COMPLETE Red Hat Server Administration: RHCE
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