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RHEL 8 / CentOs 8 Administration with Cockpit Web Console

Manage physical and virtual Red Hat Enterprise Linux ( RHEL8 ) systems using new web based interface
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Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 / CentOS 8 on a virtual machine
Enabling / Starting Web Console Service cockpit from command line
Managing User and Groups
Managing Storage via Web Console
Managing Software updates in the Web Console
Connecting Network File System (NFS)
Managing Remote Machines with Web Console
Creating RAID devices
Creating VDO storage devices
Create Containers with podman , buildah , skopeo
Create Containers with docker
Enabling / Disabling SELinux from Web Console
Configuring Static IP address on Network Interface
Configuring VLAN on Network Interface
Configuring Teaming
Configuring hostname, NTP settings , power options
Managing existing system services with systemd in Web Console


This course is a quick hand's on to managing Linux administration with easy to use Cockpit Interface. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 has adopted cockpit as a default web based interface for system management in latest release RHEL 8.

What is RHEL8 Web Console ? 

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux web console is an open source project called Cockpit. it is designed for managing and monitoring your local linux system, as well as remote Linux servers located in your network environment.

How RHEL 8 Management with Web Console help you ? 

With RHEL 8 Web Console , you can perform more daunting task in Linux administration with great ease, like storage management , containers management both docker container and new podman , buildah , skopeo , networking , system update and performance management and list goes on.

Who am I and why i choose to teach this course ? 

Being Linux System Administrator for the past decade i have learned the hard way to manage Linux systems effectively. In this course and consequent courses my focus is to deliver the smart and easy way to manage Linux Environment and manage applications and servers with great ease.

Course Content

This course will discuss different Linux administration tasks and demo how to perform those task with Cockpit Web Based Interface.  This task-oriented training course covers

  • Installation of Linux RHEL 8 / CentOS 8

  • Configuring Web-Console  ( cockpit )

  • Gathering System Information

  • Performing Basic System Administration Tasks

  • Checking systemd Logs

  • Create and Manage Storage , Physical , LVM , RAID , VDO , Thin Logical Volumes

  • Create and Manage Network Connection , Dynamic IP , Static IP Setting , Bond , Teaming ,  setup

  • Manage Virtual Machines from Web Console

  • Create and Manage Containers from Web Console

  • Manage systemd services from web console

  • Kernel Dump (kdump)

  • Software upgrade and subscription

  • Connecting and Managing Remote Servers


By the end of the course you will be able to Install and configure RHEL 8 / CentOS 8 , perform all the major task of system administration with a simple and easy to use web interface without learning all the in-depth command line

Disclaimer : This is not Red Hat official course but can be helpful for those who wish to pursue RHCSA certification . I have designed this course for practical administration

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Enterprise Linux / CentOS

  • System Administrators

  • Linux users interested in learning System Administration.

  • Anyone interested to learn RHEL 8 the latest release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Operating System

RHEL 8 / CentOs 8 Administration with Cockpit Web Console
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