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RHCSA Practice Exams Video Course (EX200-RHEL8)

Pass RedHat System Administrator Exam Certification
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Course Description

The Main Objective of this course is to help you to succeed at First Attempt!!! and enable you perform different tasks independently at your Job.

In this course , All Objectives of RHEL-8 based RHCSA exam are explained with the help of different practical tasks( Which mimic real exam tasks) on each objective covering complete syllabus as mentioned on Red Hat official Website.

Tasks are explained through video lectures explaining tasks in details but you must know theory part which is prerequisite for this course.


After completing this course , You will be confident enough to pass the exam at first attempt but you must practice all tasks before taking the exam.

Without practice, It is not possible to pass exam ! but there is nothing to worry too much, if you understood all objectives and practiced all tasks, You will pass the exam at first attempt.

You will find tasks on exam from these Objectives only!!

Also PDF document is uploaded for each section at end of each section briefing all tasks and different steps to perform each task. This will help you to practice tasks after you complete the section.  You don't need to watch the lectures again and again in case you forget something while practicing.


For LAB Setup, Two VM's are setup using Oracle VirtualBox Manager, One VM (named IPA Server) just to provide required services e.g. DNS,LDAP,NTP,NFS and SAMBA to other machine and you don't need to know how to configure these services for RHCSA Exam because this is not part of RHCSA Objectives.

Other Linux VM (named System) will be used to practice all Objectives of RHCSA Exam.

IPA Server machine is preconfigured to provide all required services and you will be able to download .ova file for this VM to import the machine in Oracle Virtual Box in 5-10 minutes.

You don't need to configure this Machine and only in few minutes you will have machine up and running.

However one extra section is included to describe how to configure IPA Server machine to provide different services needed to practice RHCSA Objectives. You can install & configure IPA Sever machine yourself if you want to do it yourself.

Last but not least ,I would expect positive or negative ratings/reviews depending on your experience ,expectations and outcome. Both positive and negative reviews are most Welcome.  This will help me to produce better content in future!

Many Thanks,

Prince Bajaj

RHCSA Practice Exams Video Course (EX200-RHEL8)
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