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RFID in Business

This course is exploring the essential concepts of RFID Technology and the major Business RFID Applications.
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What is RFID Technology, Applications and Solutions.
What Benefits a Business will get from deploying RFID Applications

Do you want to know more about this remarkable technology and how it can help any business run their operations faster and more efficiently than ever before? Then this course will guide you into understanding the major principles regarding RFID Technology and also discuss business applications.

Applications that create multiple opportunities.

Enroll now, to find out more about the architecture of RFID, the solution design basics, the applications, the industry verticals that implement RFID solutions and also the role of RFID in future technologies like Blockchain, IoT - Internet of Things, Artificial intelligence and more. In the last part you will also find out how RFID can be an important tool for Risk Management.

RFID in Business
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