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Brain Training: Rewiring Your Mind

Brain Training - Rewire and Live the Life You Always Wanted!
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Through brain training learn how to attract what you need in life by rewiring your mind to reach its full potential.
You will begin to understand brain training, the basics of the law of attraction from the time of creation.
But it goes beyond brain training basics, you'll learn that creation itself has been provisioned for you!
This results in less stress, more downtime, a relaxed mental attitude and enjoyment in your daily life!
Plus, to keep you going on a daily basis we have "Daily Pick-me-Ups!" Designed to give you a boost on a daily basis!
Included is 60 days of Positive Affirmation Videos to help get your brain thinking in the positive in various circumstances.
So, let's begin the brain training journey by curiously and bravely facing the unknown!

We have a tendency to blame our situation and our circumstance on others but if you are tired of struggling your way through life, trying to make your dreams come true, there’s good news. You can stop struggling and start allowing by brain training. This means you can rewire your brain, getting out of your own way and let the Universe (God's Creation) and potential bring your desires right to your doorstep, without all the suffering and mindless “doing” that we believe is the only way to get what we want.

Our culture worships at the altar of hard work and striving. We are taught from a young age that only hard work and dedication will get us to where we want to go in this life. Now, this isn’t a “bad” lesson. Even when you are practicing the art of allowing, there are still actions to be taken and tasks to be accomplished. But we internalize this message (and it is reinforced by society at every turn) that the only way to get to the top is to pull ourselves up by our teeth, if necessary.

The key to this striving is being positive in a negative world. That is why this course practices Reflections and Affirmations videos designed to give you pick-me-ups! Two to three minutes of immersive reading videos with great music and affirmative text, with exciting pictures to get you going in the morning or boosting you during the day! At the end of the affirmative video are three reflective questions to think while pursuing rewiring that brain of yours. 

The "Brain Training: Rewiring Your Mind" is an aspect of the law of attraction using brain training that can be the most difficult for us to implement. It’s easy to understand, but not necessarily to do... or not do. How does letting go of your plans make what you want suddenly appear? How can worrywarts and control freaks let life happen without striving to get the best out of life? Click below, and all will be revealed.

Brain Training: Rewiring Your Mind
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