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REWA iPhone Chip Level Motherboard Repair Course

Base on iPhone 6 Demo
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Why your iPhone cannot be turned on and how to fix boot issues.
Why your iPhone displays abnormally and how to fix that.
Why your iPhone comes with an unresponsive touchscreen and how to fix it.
Why charging issues are so common and how to fix them.
How can we fix camera and Wi-Fi issues.
How audio signals are transmitted and how to fix related issues.
How to use different types of tools and materials for motherboard repair.

Course Overview

When repairing iPhone logic boards, we identify the issue first, find out why it occurred next, and figure out how to fix it in the end. This is a general process adopted by repair technicians around the world. Based on this commonly adopted repair process, we’ve compiled a comprehensive curriculum to guide students through practical troubleshooting methods and resources. Get trained with this structured and repeatable process and you can avoid unnecessary mistakes and complete accurate repairs.

A. Circuit Overview Course

Understand the workflow of different circuits: how each circuit works; how different circuits cooperate and what they can achieve.

Figure out which circuit might be responsible for the issue you are dealing with.

Master general troubleshooting process of each circuit.

B. Handwork Course

Learn chip-level handwork skills of iPhone series.

Discover what the right tools are for successful repair work.

C. Demo Cases Course

Learn how to troubleshoot a real-life repair case.

Follow the video guidance to repair step by step.

Recommended: After learning a specific circuit, jump to the related repair case for a deeper understanding.

REWA iPhone Chip Level Motherboard Repair Course
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