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Revolutionary Leadership: How Servant Leadership Will Change

Be part of a global change and develop a revolutionary style of leadership which puts people before power
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How to revolutionise leadership to make a global impact
What servant leadership is and how it will transform your perspective on life
How to lead a generation through a time of chaos and uncertainty
The qualities which compose outstanding leaders

All of us are exhausted of not having leaders who represent us, listen to us or follow through on the promises they made when we stressed our concerns to them. Leadership, whether it’s political or organisational, has become corrupted by people whose agendas are entirely personal rather than service orientated.

This course is dedicated to starting a revolutionary approach to leadership in which leaders aim to serve others rather than attain power and authority.

Paul Scanlon has spent the past thirty years analysing leadership. In his groundbreaking new course on leadership, he proposes the servant leadership model poses is the most promising and world-changing approach leaders can adopt in this new era of crisis, uncertainty and chaos.

In this course you will learn:

  • The qualities which compose outstanding leaders.

  • Why we should raise our work-life standards for ourselves and the people who work for us.

  • The importance servanthood plays in meaningful leadership.

  • Approaches to help people grow that are unique to them.

  • What has caused the decline in servant leadership, including analyses of communities, the rise of mega-institutions and the misuse of power.

  • And much, much more.

Revolutionary Leadership: How Servant Leadership Will Change
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