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Revit Structure from Scratch

The Advanced Revit structure Course
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Modeling of all structural elements
Modeling of stair
All annotate options( Tag, dimensions, text, detail)
All view options(section, elevation, callout..)
Schedules of all elements
Import Autocad file
Analytical Model
Export to Robot and Etabs
Sheet creation
Families creation
Model in place

In this course you will learn the Revit structure from zero to expert.

-you will learn how to draw levels and grids.

-columns and walls modeling and editing.

-Selection,zoom and hide and isolate.

-Modify Tools and measure

-Beam modeling and editing

-Floor creation, slope arrow and sub elements.

-Opening(vertical, by face, wall and shaft)

-Import Autocad drawing.

-Analytical Model (Rigid links, boundary conditions, supports, load cases and load combination)

-Export to Robot structural analysis and Etabs.

-schedules of all elements

-Stair modeling and schedules

-Reinforcement (cover, bend and hook, path, area, and column, beam and footing reinforcement)

-Dimensions, text, detail and tag.

-Section, elevation and callout....

-Sheet creation.

-Families Creation

-Model in place

and other topics

Soon, I will publish advanced lectures about (worksharing, collaboration, Design options...)

So let's get started.

Revit Structure from Scratch
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per course
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