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HVAC : Revit Modeling Certification Training

Your First Step To Learn Mechanical /HVAC Modeling
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To understand the basics of Mechanical System.
To learn about Hydronic Piping System.
To create and annotate Construction documents.
To understand Scheduling, Documentation, and Work-Sharing.
To create HVAC and Hydronic Systems with automatic duct and piping layouts.

This course covers the basic principles of the Revit Mechanical HVAC and the Building Information Modeling (BIM) approach.

 Understanding basics of Mechanical System like; supply, return, exhaust, outside system, etc. Learn about Hydronic Piping System like chilled water supply, chilled water return, hot water supply and hot water return, and Condensate drain piping. Creating and annotating construction documents like sheets, 2D CAD, 3D CAD, etc. Understanding work-sharing, creating HVAC and Hydronic systems with automatic duct and piping layouts can be learned.

HVAC plays a vital role, such as Cooling, Heating, and Ventilating. By Using BIM, we can easily understand, what is HVAC (Heating Ventilating, and Air-conditioning)System and the Basic Components for Mechanical System.

Career Opportunities:

If you are curious to know what your future could be in this area, below are some potential careers you could consider:

  • HVAC Modeler

  • REVIT/BIM Mechanical Modeler

  • HVAC Draftsman

HVAC : Revit Modeling Certification Training
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