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Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction 2: The Next Level

Creating Books with the X Factor that Ordinary Authors Fail to Achieve by applying what I will teach you in this course.
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Improve any story no matter how good it is and make it even better.

With all the competition in publishing, it is more important than ever that your books have the X Factor

The WOW Factor that will help your books stand out from the crowd.

In this training I show by example, how to take your stories to the next level, so they aren't predictable. 

So they are memorable. 

So readers will tell others about your brand and buy all the books you create.

If you want to rise to the top in the best sellers listings, then your books need to be better than your competition. This is how that is done.

This is how you rise above the rest, and it's easy to do when you know how.

Your books will not only meet reader expectations - they will exceed their expectations and that's when you have a winner.

That's when you rise above the thousands of others who are trying to get the attention of your market.

There is an hour of content presented in an easy to learn manner - free from fluff and filler. I get right to the point so you can get right to writing better books sooner and easier.

I’ve structured this course in a simple methodical way based on the best results I’ve had from training thousands of people in book publishing.

You will gain confidence and skills that will benefit you for a lifetime of easy writing.

I’ve kept the videos short and to the point without leaving out the crucial information you need to succeed.

You can go away in the next day with a whole new understanding of how to write Riveting Fiction that's Better Than The Best.

Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction 2: The Next Level
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