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Revenue Superstar!

Learn the Simple Rules of Hotel Revenue Management + Free Revenue Superstar e-books
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Basic Hotel Revenue Management principles
Daily Pricing, Inventory Control & Distribution tactics
Action Forecasting
Value Pricing
Booking window optimization
What the day of a Revenue Manager looks like

When I first started my career as a revenue manager, I was looking for a book or course like this—

something that was easy to follow along with and was hands-on and cutting to the core of the RM practice without confusing the student with complicated acronyms.

I was not successful in my quest of finding such a material and that is why you have I decided to write my own books and courses.

The purpose of this course is to provide a basic understanding of the essential principles and tactics behind successful revenue management and how to effectively apply these principles in your hotel.

As a bonus I have also included my bestselling books Revenue Superstar: The Simple Rules of Hotel Revenue Management & This is Revenue Management: How the Best Revenue Managers Create Massive Value
(Available to download in PDF or E-Pub format)

The definition of a revenue manager can vary a lot from hotel to hotel. The purpose of this course is not to define the perfect job description of a revenue manager but to define the basic principles of revenue management that have proven to stand the test of time.

These are principles that I have successfully used in my own career as a hotel revenue manager and by watching what the best revenue managers do to create massive value.

Your role as a revenue manager is to be a hungry, data-driven general who combines your own experience with data. Once you have some experience to lean back on, this is an unbeatable formula for success.

The Revenue Superstar course is your practical guide to become a Revenue Manager (Superstar).

The revenue management and distribution scenes evolve at a rapid pace; my goal is to make sure this guide will be as relevant in 10 years as it is in 2020. I will do my utmost to ensure this goal is achieved.

You will learn about revenue management basics, daily pricing activities, inventory control, forecasting, booking windows, pace, value pricing, rate structure, segmentation and much more.

This course is designed for beginners as well as experienced hospitality professionals.

The course provides you with a step-by-step framework to practice successful revenue management, and it can be used as your playbook to revert back to whenever you need guidance.

Revenue Superstar!
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