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SHOPIFY ECOMMERCE : how i Built my 10K a month Shopify Store

Revealing my proven Shopify ECommerce Strategy that is making me 10K a month - Build & Run A Real Shopify Empire
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you will learn how to get to the next level on Shopify and stop doing Dropshipping and build a real business with real impacts on the customers !!!!!
you will learn how to build a real business and make it giant and big enough to Challenge amazon by offering fast chipping and other amazing offers!!!
you will get to the next level on eCommerce !!!
this course has been made to watch it and apply the knowledge presented on it. if you gonna watch it and then forget it, then it will become useless.
this course is short, sweet, informative and to the point!!!
how to offer 2 days shipping or same day shipping for your clients !!!!!!
how to offer 10 days or less for the shipping of your items to all clients in the US !!!!!
you will learn how to stop doing dropshipping from china that takes 5 days to process and ship the products, and an other 30 days to ship the products to your customers!!!! and start building a real business that offers (same day) or (one day) processing time and less than 8 days shipping!!!!

stop doing dropshipping, everybody now is doing dropshipping from Chinese websites like Aliexpress or from other websites like amazon.

of course, to stand from the crowd and make money from your Shopify store you need to think outside the box and start doing things nobody did before, or only a few business owners know.

ask yourself this question; why would someone prefer to buy from your online store something that already excites on other stores???.... well, the answer is easy and obvious, I would say that the way you present your products + the way you will ship the products to your customers are the most important things to take care of to let your online store stand from other online stores and get more clients.

in other words, it's all about the way how you present the products and the time of shipping of these products to your customers, that will determine your success or your failure. these two factors are even more important than having the winning product!!!!!!

so it's all about the copyright and the shipping time. and of course, if you do Dropshipping from Chinese sites then the shipping time will take from 22 to 35 days to be shipped to your customers, which is a very long time, and some customers will start complaining for sure about the long time they had to wait to get their product shipped to their home. however, if you choose to do dropshipping from amazon then you will promise your customers fast shipping, but the problem would be that products on amazon are overpriced so you won't have that good margin and profits.

well, in this course I will show you the next level and the secret of Shopify. I will show you how to have fast shipping (4 to 9 days). and from where to get the same products for cheap and sell them on a normal price to compete against Amazon and other websites and still get a nice profit from each sold unit.

I will show you how to play big like a successful business that is taking the entire market!!!

dropshipping is the old way that everyone is doing!! what I will teach you is how big whales and successful marketers are doing now to beat the competition!!!!

SHOPIFY ECOMMERCE : how i Built my 10K a month Shopify Store
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