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How to reveal people who dislike you

Body language reveals our genuine feelings, learn how to decode it’s secrets.
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Observing body language
Evaluation of the observed information
New habits useful for communication
Higher awareness of your own body language

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You are talking to the person you just met and he or she is just great. You'd love to know what are you up to, whether she likes you or not, whether you are going to meet him ever again.

Can you imagine having a set of skills that can answer these questions?

Can you imagine talking to someone and see if she likes you back?

In this course, you will learn how to read subtle messages nonverbally sent by the person. We all know there is something like a body language but we are not that aware that these messages are impossible to not send nor hide. They are always there and they are always correct.

We will go through the body movements, facial expressions and blocking behaviour and more so you could get a real-life based and proved manual how to observe the body language of others.

What others say about the course:

  • This was a very useful course, with each section in 1 to 3 minute videos. Each video explained the idea of body language, and the practical application in every day life. The message was very clear. The story telling enhanced the message.  Asad Geetai, a dentist

  • This course was very useful, I enjoyed learning about how body language has a very big impact on how you are feeling. Also this course taught me to read individuals body languages. I recommend it 100%.

    Aisha Abdulle, a psychology student

  • Thanks Martin, very motivating and inspirational course. Beyond theoretical knowledge, this training provides with real life examples that every person can identify his/herself. This course is a good for all people who is aspiring to lead and grow. Jiri Svorc, salesman

How to reveal people who dislike you
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