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Return to work, Covid-19 current guidelines

Working safely and effectively to reduce risk of infection
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Students will learn about covid-19 and guidelines to impliment in order to reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination.
Students will understand what corona virus and covid 19 is, the modes of transmission, what body fluids the virus has been found in, limiting and reducing the spread of infection.
Students will also learn how to develop a check list and in work policy in relation to covid-19 and the actions they will take as a preventative strategy.
Students will access Government documents to support their learning outcomes
Students will learn about personal protective equipment to use which is invaluable when having to work inside the 2 metre social distancing rules.
Updated; UK law around face coverings and exemptions.
First aid and emergency CPR - what should you do during this pandemic?

Return to work, Covid-19 current guidelines

The world has been hit with a virus and led to lockdowns.  clients will be feeling stressed, anxious and their self-preservation button will have been triggered.  This pandemic has led to people behaving in panic and from fear.  They have acted in ways that question humanity.  This is where the holistic therapist comes in as a vital person in the health and well-being of communities and nations.  Globally we need to be ready to open our doors, as we have our hearts, to give compassionate care that is founded upon safe practices.

This course provides students with a background knowledge base of covid-19, actions and activities to undertake in the work place environment to reduce, prevent and stop the risk of infection and the spread of infection.  This course aims to prepare students to return to work utilising a mindful and safe approach to working with clients.  This course is research based and provides current accepted guidelines for safe working practices. 

This course does not constitute medical or legal advice.  Nor does it intend to replace legislation or regulations that can change very quickly.

This course is researched based, provides the latest information and current government guidance.  Research is from WHO, UK Government information, CDC, medline and others.

Become prepared to re-open your business and provide healing therapy services to your clients now.  You have lifetime access to this training and though a pandemic may clear this training will help to keep you mindful of methods to ensure safest hygiene practices.

Updated; UK law around face coverings and exemptions.

Course Certification

Students will receive a Udemy course certificate of completion., there is also an opportunity to obtain a certificate of completion from ourselves.

Return to work, Covid-19 current guidelines
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