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REST API for beginners - Retrofit and Android

Learn how to build from scratch your own apps based on the GitHub API, StackOverflow API and many more with Android
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Execute HTTP calls, using the Retrofit android library
GET the content of APIs;
Visualize the content, taken from an API;
Work with hundreds of APIs;
Create original apps of their own, based on a server-located content;
Take the authorization credentials for their applications;
Work with JSON data

Have you ever wondered how to GET that server-located content in your app? Do you want to learn how to retrieve and visualize JSON data? Would you want to learn how to work with the Retrofit library in Android? Then this course is for you! Here we will start with a short introduction to the basic terminology - you will get aware of what HTTP, URL, API, RETROFIT, JSON, GET/POST/PUT and DELETE are. All of the explanations I will give you are easy to understand and follow. Then we will build 2 projects from scratch, working with 2 different APIs - the GitHub API and the StackOverflow API, as we are GETting their content. At the end of each section you will know how to continue exploring the API on your own and modify the data for your needs. Then we'll go further - I'll show you tens and hundreds more APis you will be able freely to work with. We'll pass through 3 different authorization processes - with the Instagram API, with the Gmail API and the Wordnik API. After you finish the course, you'll be able to handle numerous sources, hundreds of APIs and approaches. Are you ready to start?

REST API for beginners - Retrofit and Android
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