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Retouching VR Photography with Photoshop and After Effects

Use Photoshop and After Effects to add a logo and retouch 360º photos for Facebook and other social media platforms.
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Add a logo to a spherical panorama (360º photo)
Seamlessly remove the tripod
Reset the center of the panorama
Add a realistic sun
Make color adjustments
Retouch and enhance your photo
Add in a new sky (even behind trees!)
Updating metadata for social media platforms

Spherical panoramas (360º photos) are now commonplace, especially on social media platforms, the next logical step is to begin editing and enhancing these images — just as you do with traditional photography. The challenge is, however, these are not “flat” images. As images are “unwrapped” in photo editing tools, we need to use an alternate workflow for editing these types of panoramas.

This course will show you a step-by-step, non-destructive process, for seamlessly masking out your tripod, applying 2-dimensional artwork into the VR space, retouching, adjusting color, and adding special effects to your photo. 

The software we’ll be using includes the Adobe Creative Cloud versions of both Photoshop and After Effects.

Running time: 43 minutes

Retouching VR Photography with Photoshop and After Effects
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