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Retire to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

How Expats Are Living Well on Less
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Students will be able to determine if living in or near Puerto Vallarta is a viable option.
Students will learn the art of living well on less in Mexico, either part-time or full-time
Students will understand the benefits and the drawbacks of living in some parts of Mexico
Students will understand the different retirement locations surrounding the Bay of Banderas
Students will understand different ways expats earn extra income when retired
Student's level of stress due to retirement offshore will decrease

Everything you need to know to reduce the stress associated with moving to Mexico, Puerto Vallarta area, which includes 62 miles surrounding the Bay of Banderas.  Lots of affordable retirement options. 

You will learn how to find the best and cheapest living accommodations, health care, currency exchange, banking, lifestyle, travel and more, including how the course developer and other expats earn extra income, online. 

Step by step process for retirement in another near and around the Bay of Banderas, Mexico. 

Retire to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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