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Retire Like a Millionaire

Retire Like a Millionaire, because you can!
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Confidently grow wealth while minimizing risk
Learn proven investment techniques used by professionals to maximize returns
Understand the Rule of 72 and use it to calculate how quickly your money will double (and re-double)
Learn how to use Dollar Cost Averaging to guarantee that the average cost of shares in your portfolio will always be below the average price
Understand asset correlation and use it to construct a profitable portfolio

This course teaches the proven techniques used by professional investors to grow wealth. You will learn to use powerful wealth accelerators; how to calculate the number of years in which your assets will double and re-double; and how to use tax-advantaged vehicles to maximize performance. After taking this course, you will know how to build a portfolio specifically designed to achieve your financial goals confidently and with a minimum of risk.

Retire Like a Millionaire
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