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Resume Writing - The Ultimate Resume Writing Course

Write an amazing resume that gets attention and helps you get the job you want. By a top professional resume writer.
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Write a powerful resume that gets the hiring manager's attention.
Write a powerful resume that stands out from the competition.
Write a powerful resume that makes it to the top of the hiring manager's stack because it passes the automated filters.
Write a resume that is customized to that particular job.

Here’s How To Write A Powerful Resume…One That Sells YOU And Gets You The Job!

Do you ever wonder why people who are “less qualified” than you often end up getting the job?

Most people think that the most qualified person gets the job…

But the truth is, it’s not the most qualified person who lands the job, instead, it’s usually the most prepared person who gets the job!

And preparation for getting a job begins at your resume…

Think of it – one of the few things standing between you and your new job, (which can bring you thousands of dollars a month, or even more) is your resume, which is really just a few sheets of paper…

(But oh, how important those few sheets of paper are!)

With tens of thousands of dollars a year at stake, (or more) why would you leave this preparation to chance?

The truth about resumes is:

Many resumes don’t even make it past the initial screening process!

That’s right!

Most resumes get kicked out because they:

  • Contain too little information
  • Contain too much of the wrong information
  • Contain information that does not apply to that job
  • Are not properly formatted to “guide the eye”
  • Do not convey core strengths that you bring to that job
  • Do not “sell” you (or your skills and experience) to the hiring manager

These are just a few of the common mistakes people make when writing their own resume!

And, if you make just a few of these critical errors,your resume will get flagged by the“Applicant Tracking System”which guarantees that no “human eyes”will ever see your resume!

You see, there are several important things that your resume MUST have, if you want to grab the hiring manager’s attention and increase your chances of landing that job.

Your resume must:

  • Be written in such a way that it passes the Applicant Tracking System
  • Capture the hiring manager’s attention by showcasing your unique value to the company.
  • Display your measurable, relevant achievments and show how those will benefit the company.
  • Meet the hiring manager’s needs by customizing your resume to fit the job description.
  • Directs the hiring manager’s eye by placing the right elements in the right places and in the right priority order.

If your resume does not do those things, there’s a good chance your resume will be screened out in the next step of the process!

So, if you want to be the most prepared person going in for that job, (or if you just want to stop being ignored by the hiring managers, because your resume didn’t make it past their initial screening process) then be sure to read this entire page.

The Challenge Of Writing A High-Quality Resume That Gets RESULTS

When faced with the challenge of writing a resume (or renewing your existing resume) most people don’t know where to begin.

Even if you are a decent writer, it can still be a challenge to portray yourself in a positive light “on paper”.

Worse yet, if you do even a casual internet search for “How to write a resume”, you’ll find all kinds of conflicting advice – and very little of it from real resume experts, people who have created hundreds of resumes and enjoyed tons of hiring success stories!

Not anymore!

You see, the author of this course, Jim Lynch, is an expert at resume writing and career advancement, and he also has over 15 years of experience writing resumes and helping people just like you!

So he decided to put his system into an online course and accompanying ebook that walks you through the process of writing a high-quality resume that gets results!

The Ultimate Guide To Writing A Resume That Gets You Noticed And Gets You The Job

This course walks you through every step of the resume-writing process, including:

  • A simple exercise that will help you define how to best position your skills and experience
  • Exactly how to format your resume, including elements like using the correct font sizes, white space, bolding. etc.
  • What are the three main formats for resumes and when to use each
  • How to guide the hiring manager’s eye through as they’re reading your resume
  • What are the 2 core sections of your resume and how you should write each section
  • Specific guidelines to follow for each element of your resume – so your resume stands out and stays at the top of the list!
  • How to tailor your resume to the particular job you’re applying for
  • A listing of the Top 100 keywords to use on a resume
  • How to use the correct “buzzwords” when crafting resumes for different industries
  • Want to really increase the professional look of your resume? Choose a few of these top key phrases from the included list to kick it up a notch!

Bottom line, you’ll have the greatest tool for writing your own resume because it literally walks you, step-by-step, through the process – giving you helpful hints and insider tips along the way!

So if you’re ready to begin writing your own professional resume (and doing it right, the first time) then this is the guide for you!

Resume Writing - The Ultimate Resume Writing Course
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