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Restorative Yoga for Stress Relief

Learn gentle yoga practices that restore the body and mind. You will reduce stress and increase relaxation.
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In this course you will learn restorative yoga postures
In this course you will learn how to have a deeper connection with your physcial body

This course is an introduction to restorative yoga. By taking this course you will learn postures and mindfulness practices that encourage relaxation and reduce stress.

Restorative yoga is a conscious mind-body practice best described as active relaxation. Restorative asanas (postures) have wonderful healing properties for those recovering from injuries, depression and life in general.

The course will take one hour to complete. Begin by reading about what restorative yoga is and then the first video takes you through a 45 minute restorative yoga sequence. Then there is a 6 minute body scan to get you in touch with your physical being. The fourth lecture is a breathing practice to continue soothing the nervous system. You can follow along each video by listening to the instruction once you are settled into a posture. Then finally a journal writing practice.

Restorative Yoga for Stress Relief
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