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How to create REST API's - Create & Consume (2020)

The complete guide to build REST API's with ASP.NET Core & C#. Building a SERVER. Calling API with CLIENT application
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Become a better developer by learning how to build a SERVER REST API's with .NET Core/C#
Find out how you can CALL an existing API's with QUERY, FROMDATA and FORMBODY
Work with Visual Studio 2019
Test the API's you have build with The Postman
This is the complete guide to building RESTful API's
Calling an API with httpclient, httpwebrequest and webclient
Build Rest api
Build RESTful API's
.NET Core

Hello guys!

And welcome to my course about RESTful API. This course is created with ASP.NET and consists of two parts.

I used Visual Studio 2019 to make this course and tested everything with POSTMAN (all links are available in the first section of the course.)

The first part of the course is ''Server side'', here we will learn how to create your first API project and also controllers, routs, action. How to read and send form data, read form body, create custom attributes etc. I will also explain to you how you can create a database for this project.

The second part is ''Client side'', here i will explain all the methods you can use to call an existing API. We shall make calls with query, form data, form body and also send and get cookies and headers.

This course is meant to give you a big picture of how a RESTful API works from both sides of the spectrum.

I am very excited to share my knowledge and skillset with you guys. And the best part about sharing is that it makes us and the people around us feel better and we learn more, so it will always be a win-win situation.

And as the Dalai Lama once said, “Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality.”

How to create REST API's - Create & Consume (2020)
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