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REST API testing using C# RestSharp and SpecFlow

A complete course of API automation in .Net
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Basics of API testing
Develop API automation framework
Basic to advance concept of RestSharp
Integration of RestSharp with BDD SpecFlow
REST API Automation concepts

RestSharp is a powerful library to automate REST API using C#. This course is designed to cover basic to advance concepts of REST API automation. Even with basic knowledge of C#, you will be able to follow and implement. I will explain about important part of RestSharp and how to automate your REST API tests. I have used NewtonSoft Json.NET to serialize and deserialize JSON.

This course provides many different practical scenarios and implementation. Overview of the course topics

  1. Basics of Rest APIs

  2. Basics of API testing

  3. Introduction of RestSharp

  4. Basic to advance concept of RestSharp

  5. Implementation of API Automation Framework

  6. Custom helper classes

  7. Working with Json.Net

  8. Integration of BDD SpecFlow

  9. Handling of large payloads using Models

  10. Data driven testing

  11. Extent reports

REST API testing using C# RestSharp and SpecFlow
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