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REST API Development with php & mysql- 2.0 (Revised)

REST API development using php, mysql, authorization key, basic auth, JWT, Guzzle, R-client, Single Page App
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Basics of REST
Basics of API
Difference Between REST and RESTful
Connection of REST and HTTP
Difference Between HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2
Learn to build REST API using php mysql (No php Framework)
Learn the concept of Auth key
Learn to build html5 single page application, dynamic application
Learn to work with Authentication (Basic Auth, Bearer Auth)
Learn to work with JWT (JSON web tokens) in php
Learn to work with GUZZLE
Learn to test you API using R-client

This course focuses upon teaching REST API development and its concepts, also teaching to build the same using php (without the use of any php framework) and mysql.

This course broadly covers the following concepts:-

  1. Authorization keys

  2. Basic Auth

  3. JWT ( JSON web tokens )

  4. API Consumption

  5. Building Single Page App

  6. Creating a dynamic HTML single page app

  7. Testing the API

This course comes with one Bonus section of GUZZLE (Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client  that makes working with API's fun)

Hence this course is loaded with lots of information and techniques for any one who wants to learn REST API Development.

REST API Development with php & mysql- 2.0 (Revised)
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