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REST API Design and Best Practice - Learn the SECRET Tricks!

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Enough Knowledge in REST API design, Style Guide and Reference
Able to Follow the BEST Guidelines to Design and Develop REST API
Brief Idea of World Wide Web (WWW)
Web Architecture and Standard
Design Principal For REST API URIs
Naming Convention for the Authority portion of REST API
Resource Modeling & Archetypes
URI Path Design
URI Query Design
Request Methods
Response Status Codes
HTTP Headers
Media Types and Media Type Design
Message Body Format
Error Representation
Response Representation Composition
JavaScript Clients
Uniform Implementation

Facebook, Google, GitHub, Netflix and a lot of Tech Companies have given the access of their Huge Database to the Developer using REST API.

If you are a Developer and You NOT write API for Other Companies then also it is a Healthy and Good thing to have beautifully crafted APIs.

Over the Internet, there is no such "OFFICIAL" guideline for API  Designing and Best Practices BUT in the Industry, we use some STANDARD Practices for API.

The API is an interface, through which a lot of developers communicate or interact with data. A good designed API is always very easy to use for the Developers and it helps them a lot. You can Say, API is the GUI for developers, if it is confusing or not verbose, then the developer will start finding the alternatives or stop using it. Developers’ experience is the most important metric to measure the quality of the APIs.

Here in the course, we are going to give some lights into the Standard Design and BEST Practice for the REST API.

Meet Your Instructor : -

This course is designed and Developed by Mr. Sayan who has more than 10+ Years of Experiences in JAVA, JEE, Microservices, and Andriod Development.

He is also a SCJP Certified Java Developer.

Over a Decade he Served Different Organization like Cognizant, Sychrony, Indus Net, IsIs Design etc.

REST API Design and Best Practice - Learn the SECRET Tricks!
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