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REssentials 102: Make 100K Annually in Real Estate Sales

What does it take to build a great career in Real Estate Sales?
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The steps to earning $100K annually in Real Estate sales.
How to find clients to work with.
What the work week and lifestyle of a Realtor looks like.
What the startup and on-going expenses are.

In this course:

• We will walk through, step-by-step, exactly what it takes to make $100K annually, in easy to understand terms, using an invaluable tool few Realtors have, and which I will give you for free.

• Using this tool we will discover how to measure how many clients you need to work with to meet your goals, and where to find them

• Using this tool we will calculate how many hours are required to meet your goals and what your work week should look like from a scheduling point of view.

• And finally, we will take a candid look at what the startup and ongoing expenses are in the business.

If you are a Realtor and want key information about making your career more successful, or if you are thinking about getting your license, this information is essential to your career.  

REssentials 102: Make 100K Annually in Real Estate Sales
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