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Responsive Web Design With HTML & CSS For Beginners

Build More Than Six(6) Real World Projects and Also Learn How To Host Your Website On Github!
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Work with HTML5 elements and CSS3 to structure a web site.
Work with HTML5 elements and CSS3 to structure a web site.
CSS Grid and Flexbox
Animation and Transition Effects
Gain Real-World Skills To Build Professional,Beautiful and Truly Responsive Websites


There are A Whole Lot Of  HTML And CSS Courses Out There That Follow The Normal Cliche Which Doesn't Really Work.

In Some Courses, You Could Tell The Instructor Is Knowledgeable And Knows His Stuff But Sucks At Teaching Or Conveying That Information To His Learners.

With This Course, It Sets You On The Right Path. There Is No Already Made Code And We Build Everything Right From The Ground Up. There Are No Starter Files With Already Made Code Where You Need To Try And Understand Someone Else's Code(which is intimidating for beginners), Like I Said We Will Be Building Everything From Start To Finish.

As A Self Taught Developer, I Know And Have Been Through The Hurdles And Frustrations Of Learning On Your Own, especially Getting Stuck And Making You Feel Like Almost Giving Up. This Course Will Teach You To Write Clean And Effective HTML/CSS.

HTML/CSS Is The Basic Foundation Of Web Development, Once You Get That Understanding, delving Into Other Languages And Frameworks Like Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery And The Rest Becomes Really Easy. Not Only Will We Learn The Theory Of Html And CSS Step By Step But Its Practical Aspect And We Will Also Apply That Knowledge By Building Real Life Projects . We Are Going To Be Building Websites Alongside Mini Projects.

This Course Is Designed To Help Beginners And Intermediates To Learn And Master the basics of HTML & CSS.

No prior knowledge of HTML & CSS required. You will learn all that from scratch. Skip Those Boring Courses Full of Slides And Actually Learn By Doing And Building a Handful of Projects.

Some Of Topics We Will Take A Look At.

After we have finished creating our websites,we will go ahead and host it online.When your website is hosted,it becomes live and you can now visit it with any device. Lets begin!



Responsive Web Design With HTML & CSS For Beginners
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