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Responsive HTML & CSS Trial Course for Beginners

Learn to build a website or to edit an existing website
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The students will learn the basic knowledge about responsive HTML and CSS.
The students will be able to create responsive web pages or to edit a web page.

This HTML and CSS basic course for beginners is a trial course for everyone who

- wants to build a responsive website;

- is not sure if HTML and CSS are right for her/him;

- wants to edit an existing website;

- wants to learn the first steps with responsive HTML and CSS;

- cannot or do not want to raise the costs for a very expensive complete course;

- wants very good readable HTML and CSS code examples during the course

You will learn in this course...

- how to save HTML files correctly;

- the meaning of HTML and CSS;

- the advantages of the Atom Editor for you;

- how to call up or install Notepad (Windows) and TextEdit (Mac);

- which HTML code you have to insert into the file header (metadata, doctype) and which advantages the Atom Editor has

- how you can code and design texts, headings and images for your website;

- what HTML attributes are all about;

- the diverse design options with the style attribute;

- how to code a background color or image for your website;

- ID and Class Attributes;

- the meaning of the <div> tag with examples;

- which browser is the best one;

- how to create a responsive website (responsive tables, responsive images, responsive texts)

and more.

In addition, you will find materials in Lesson 2 that will be useful when creating a website (FTP instructions, information on a domain and webspace, background image, photo for an exercise).

The videos content high resolution screenshots of the Atom editor with codes, so that you can easily read the codes. You need to type the codes in your editor after you have stopped the video at the end of each video sequence. In some lessons is additional time for to view the code, in the first lessons you can stop the video with the stop button of the video player.

After this course you will be able to code and edit a responsive website. Without having to pay high sums for a complete HTML and CSS course.

The lecturer is a trained pedagogue (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main) who knows how to convey even complex knowledge in simple words. All you need for this course is a good level of motivation and basic knowledge of using the PC and the Internet. Subscribe now!

Responsive HTML & CSS Trial Course for Beginners
$ 19.99
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