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Resolving Conflict in the Birth Room

Learn how to empower your clients and to diffuse tough situations
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Learn about the team players during birth
How to resolve conflict in a peaceful way verbally and physically.
Tips to empower your clients to speak for themself
Discover your own bias and address it

Doula has become a new buzz word and tons of women are jumping at the chance to become a doula.  These doulas start out being excited to serve clients. So much effort is put into getting clients that they are shocked to find that being a doula is not easy. Once work begins they quickly see that there is still so much to learn about dealing with people. They have to learn how to win a client during an interview and then serve them well. The next challenge is dealing with all the different team players during the birth. Most doulas are not prepared for the high emotions and stress during birth and they struggle when they encounter "sticky" situations or angry people during birth. This class will talk about those situations and give you tips and tricks to diffuse them. You will learn about who is involved with birth and how to be a team player. We will talk about building bridges instead of walls so that the mom can labor well and the doula can continue in her career choice. One of the most important point is that parents have the power and we need to remind them of that so they get good care. I'll share with you my tips to be able to empower the parents and support their choices.

Resolving Conflict in the Birth Room
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