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Reskin an iOS App from Start to Finish with a Text Generator

In one hour, learn the complete process of reskinning an iOS app using XCode, from the first test to final submission.
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By the end of the course, you will be able to take a source code and edit it in Xcode to reskin it and publish it into the App Store
Learn how to create certificates in the iOS development center
Learn how to create provisioning profiles so you can test your app
Learn how to create an app in the iOS development center and iTunes Connect
Learn how to register your devices to test the app on, create test accounts, and test your first app in Xcode
Learn the basics of Xcode and what you need to change in a source code to reskin it
Learn how to set up a Facebook app ID to allow social sharing
Learn how to set up In App Purchases, ads, and analytics
Learn how to submit your app to the App Store for review

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This course will show you exactly what you need to do to reskin a specific source code in Xcode so that you can create your own iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch app very quickly and inexpensively and start making money almost immediately. This is a super easy reskin of an iOS app source code that can make you money fast!

You will see every single edit necessary to launch an app, and in less than 2 hours. This includes the very first steps you take after you get your hands on a source code (learning how to test the app) to editing the app in Xcode, and all the way to submitting the app to the App Store for review. The tutorial uses a REAL source code example and completes every single step necessary to reskin the app from start to finish, and is structured in that way. While this uses a specific code (that you can purchase), the course is still very useful for reskinning any app. It will give you the knowledge necessary to understand documents that come with source codes that you can purchase at very low prices.

This is perfect for any beginner that is interested in entering the world of app development, but does not want to spend a ton of money or time creating an app from scratch and hiring developers. Instead, you can focus on monetization through in-app purchases and ad networks, which, by the way, is part of this course. You can literally reskin one source code 100 times using this tutorial to generate large profits incredibly quickly.

Check out the source code we use in this course.

Reskin an iOS App from Start to Finish with a Text Generator
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