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Android Marshmallow: Reskin 10-Million Downloads Android App

Reskin 10-Million Downloads app fast and discover the skills that other developers missed out!
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Install Java Development Kit (JDK).
Install Android Studio, the official Android IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
Configure Android SDK (Software Development Kit) Manager.
Import Source Code into Android Studio CORRECTLY.
Select which graphics and musics files to reskin within Android Studio Project.
Discover simple yet powerful Photoshop tricks.
Discover online tool to create different sizes of app icons almost instantly.
Discover secrets to make MORE money that other developers missed out!
Avoid Monetization account suspension.
Export Android Application on Android Studio.
Deloy apps to Google Play Store and other Alternative App Stores the RIGHT way.
Confront and solve possible app business threats.

[NOTE: Source code & softwares included!]

[Re-Design a 10,000,000 Downloads Android App]

The app industry is a lucrative industry if you know what you are doing. Everyday there are tons of mobile apps uploaded to either Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Not even mention about other alternative app stores.

Hence, the competition can be very fierce if you are about to create an app from scratch. If you do not have any knowledge about programming, the app creation process may take months or even years to complete.

Let us ask you a question. Will you create a wheel that is square in shape? We bet you not. It is ridiculous to re-invent the wheel and make it into another shape.

Analogously, it is unwise to create an Android app from nothing, unless you already have some excellent programming knowledge. For sure, we are not saying that everyone should NOT learning programming language.

Here is the truth. You may need to take months or years just to master those hard-to-understand programming knowledge. So, if you easily get overwhelmed by the programming language, then this course is definitely for you! We will teach you create an app without touching any line of codes!

Look, this course can provide you a simpler picture of what Android development is all about. Are you ready to create your first Android app? Faster than others?

[Apps Reskinning]

Apps Reskinning is an alternative mobile app industry that you can penetrate. In laymen term, reskin an app means changing the graphics and musics of an app while maintaining its source code. In other words, we get a source code and alter some of the graphics and changing the music files.

In this course, you will first learn how to install JDK (Java Development Kit), an important virtual machine that is needed to run Android Studio. Next, you will learn how to install Android Studio (the Official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android) and the Android SDK (Software Development Kit).

[Source Code]

The source code is included in this course. It has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times on Google Play Store. Check out our first video.

[App Compilation Errors - Solved!]

As you all may know, any wrong steps in importing the source code may result in compilation errors in Android Studio. This is why we will teach you step-by-step how to import the source code right in the first place. There are many newbie app developers get overwhelmed on this and eventually give up. We have came across those paths and we will reveal to you the smarter steps on importing the source code. Zero errors, that is what you need!

[Android SDK Configuration]

Before we use Android Studio, it is important to configure the Android SDK. There are certain important packages that you will need to install to avoid compilation errors. Some of the packages includes:

  • Android SDK Tools
  • Android SDK Platform-tools
  • Android SDK Build-tools
  • SDK Platform and its Google APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for a particular Android version.
  • Android Support Repository
  • Android Support Library
  • Google Play services
  • Google Repository

If you do not properly configure the Android SDK, chances are you will have many compilation errors. Zero errors, that is what we will teach you!

[Importing Source Code - Correctly!]

Importing the Android Studio project can be quite challenging, especially if you are newbie. This may also make you overwhelmed if you are intermediate Android developers. But, we have good news for you! We have created a comprehensive and step-by-step video for you, just to teach you how to import the source code correctly within minutes. Note that NOT every code you need to "touch", we will tell you which codes you need to make adjustment, and there is no coding or programming skills required at all! Many newbie developers get stucked here because of the complexity of Android Studio. No more headache we would say! Zero compilation errors, period.

[Source Code Anatomy]

By the way, we will train you to become an Android "doctor" who is able to "diagnose" the anatomy of the source code. We will tell you which codes to edit and you simply no need to understand it. We will train you how to change the Targeted SDK, the Package Name and App Name on Smartphone. Edit the string file, apply some refactor steps, change targeted Android SDK version. That's it!

[Photoshop Mastery: Learn the Essence of Photoshop]

Frankly to say that you will need to master Photoshop to sustain in the app business for the long run. If you do not have enough money to fund those programmers as well as graphic designers, then just do it yourself. It is not that challenging, though. We know there are many other Photoshop-alike softwares, but, if we were to compare the quality and the advanced editing features, Photoshop is still a better choice. You may feel uncomfortable at first when using Photoshop, but I bet you will get used to it. Here are the items that we will guide you to make some edition on Photoshop:

  • Game Character
  • Game Background
  • Game Fonts
  • Game Tileset
  • Game Icon
  • Game Screenshot

Learning too much in a short period of time will make you tension. This is the reason why we make this section as short as possible. With those learning videos, we have covered some useful shortcut keys that can boost your productivity greatly!

[Where to get game sounds, musics and graphics for FREE and LEGALLY?]

We will tell you where to get the BIG LIST of royalty-free sounds, musics and graphics! We do not want you to have copyright infringement issue. So, you can now use those resources without fear!

[Monetization Secrets]

In this course, we will reveal secrets that Google forgot to tell you. These are the secrets that many developers (even the experienced ones) forgot to do it and simply not aware of it. Knowing these secrets will increase your app income, at least two folds! Besides that, we will share with you how to make your app users happy, without annoying them! You see, your app users may just uninstall your app because the ads are just so annoying. Look no further, we will teach you how to apply some tricks on the code. You don't have to understand the codes, just copy-and-paste the codes we have attached together with the learning video! Additionally, it is equally important to know what stupid mistakes you will need to avoid to protect your app business. We bet doing one of the stupid mistakes may kill or ruin your app business INSTANTLY. Don't believe? Is either you know or don't know about the stupid mistakes that amateur/intermediate developers have made. Knowing the secrets and tricks that we have shared with you will add a protection shield to your app empire!

[Generate Your Signed APK]

We will teach you how to export your Android app step-by-step and without hassle. Besides teaching you how to generate KeyStore, we will tell you how to properly name your APK, so that you always keep organized. We also teach you how to update your APK, provided you have uploaded your app to the Google Play Store. We will teach you where to change the Version Name and Version Code.

[Deploy Your Apps to Other App Stores]

Besides Google Play Store, you will get to know how to deploy your mobile app to other Android app stores for maximum exposure. We know that creating a mobile app is a daunting task, just don't waste your efforts! Do your app once and deploy it everywhere!

[Google Play Content Policy - You Should Know It!]

App Tsunami will just hit you without warning. Just like every business, you will need to do some SWOT analysis. In this section, we will reveal to you the possible threats that you will need to know to sustain in the long run. Every business has risks, so were apps. You will need to digest the Google Play Content Policy after all. Obey to these rules and you will be safe in the "cave". Many developers just don't aware of the policy!

With all of the course learning materials, you will have a strong knowledge on how to create an Android app without programming skill! Let's make your app empire, stronger and faster!

Android Marshmallow: Reskin 10-Million Downloads Android App
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