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Resin Geode Basics: How to create sparkling geode art works

We build a simple resin geode together step by step, covering the basics of how to get started, materials and techniques
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You will understand the basic equipment needed
You will be able to make choices about your materials
You will be able to design your own geode art piece
You will be able to create your own beautiful resin geode

A course for resin beginners looking to create amazing geode inspired resin art works. 

Maybe you've dabbled with resin before, perhaps just some simple clear coating on coasters or art work. Now you've discovered how amazing it can be and seen some of the geodes made from resin and want to make them too. But resin and the geode materials are expensive. You could dive right in, spend a lot of time and money and end up with a piece that just didn't work out - and all those materials are wasted. Taking this class will help you avoid those mistakes and leap up the learning curve so that your first piece will be amazing.

In the class we will cover a wide range of topics concentrating very much on the basics for creating resin geodes. It assumes a previous basic knowledge or resin working but we will still cover safety and supplies needed for working with resin. You'll learn how to pick the best surface, what materials you can use and where to get them, how to keep your resin layers from bleeding and moving too much, and how to tease them into the shapes you want for your resin geode.

Once you have the basics and your first resin geode completed, your creativity can kick in without fear of failure and you'll be able to take it so much further, create amazing designs you will love. You can scroll down to see the full curriculum for this course. 

Resin Geode Basics: How to create sparkling geode art works
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