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Anxiety Management

How to manage anxiety by practicing core resiliency skills used in the Resilient Stars Program?
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Practice techniques derived from the Resilient Stars Program to manage anxiety.
Use reflective writing to increase feeling better faster.
Identify when you may need to get help from a mental health professional.

In this Anxiety Management course, you will learn how our Resilient Stars Program could help you control symptoms of anxiety by:

  1. Increasing self-awareness. Learn how to label, rate and express how you feel.

  2. Learn the basic steps to mindfulness. Practice daily to increase your inner calm.

  3. What is responsible for causing Anxiety? Dr. David Burns, clinical psychologist, calls them "unhelpful" thoughts. You will learn how to identify unhelpful thoughts and rethink the situation.

  4. Identify when someone you love needs mental health help. Brainstorm how to encourage them to get the help they need. It might save a life.

Anxiety can keep us from going after what we want to get in life, from the fear of talking to the person we really like, to avoiding driving on highways, to avoiding taking exams. The reward is far greater to still feel the fear by increase our resiliency by facing our fears. This course is a great beginner's program to increasing social-emotional competencies to cope with feelings of anxiety better.

This material is based on the Resilient Stars Program (RSP), a social emotional curriculum, that I developed based on my clinical expertise using cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. Our participants successfully managed their anxiety by applying the skills taught in the RSP.

Anxiety Management
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