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Resilience Leadership

How to ensure you and your team thrive in adversity
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Understand what resilience is and why it is essential in the workplace
Recognize characteristics of low resilience in your staff and team
Be a resilience role model
Support and mentor employees with low resilience
Foster team resilience

If you are a supervisor who wants your teams to perform well in adversity, you need to be a Resilience Leader. Resilient people perform well despite challenges and high stress. Resilient teams are adaptive, collaborative, and innovative. Resilient leaders achieve organizational goals, even when faced with overwhelming challenges.

To maintain a resilient organization that is ready for anything, leaders need to do more than focus on their own resilience; they must become Resilience Leaders. Resilience Leaders model behaviors that build resilience, and by doing so, encourage their employees to do the same. They recognize when employees are struggling and have supportive conversations that demonstrate that they care. They help employees find solutions and a path forward. Resilience Leaders actively foster their teams' resilience so that groups of employees become more capable than any one individual.

While Director of the State Department's Center of Excellence in Foreign Affairs Resilience, I designed this course for U.S. Ambassadors and other senior leaders across the foreign affairs community. I saw first-hand how successful Resilience Leaders are despite working in challenging and dangerous environments. I'm pleased to introduce you to these same skills and tools so you can inspire high performance in your team.

In this course, you will:

  • Define resilience and explain why resilience is essential in the workplace;

  • Identify common characteristics of low resilience in yourself and others;

  • Engage in activities and use skills/tools that build your resilience;

  • Model resilience skills and tools in your workplace;

  • Support and mentor employees with low resilience;

  • Evaluate your team’s resilience;

  • Foster the 7Cs of team resilience; and

  • Conduct an exercise to identify your team’s resilience strengths and weaknesses.

Let's get started!

Resilience Leadership
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