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Resilience in Challenging Times

Your Resistance Resources - how to identify and to use them. Boost your confidence and become more resilient.
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How to identify all your resilience resources and use them at any stressful time.
About thinking errors which cause your internal stress and how to eliminate them.
How to establish Locus of your Control to feel in charge of your life.
What is secondary stress and how to reduce it.
How to change your perception of events and reframe your thinking to reduce stress.

Resilience is also not something that you are either born with or not. Resilience develops as people grow up and gain better thinking and self-management skills and more knowledge. Adopting a positive mindset is important – this is about being - ‘comfortable in your own skin’ - and accepting life’s ups and downs as part of the journey. It is part of the process of personal development.

Wellbeing and resilience are linked; over time the quality of anyone’s life will depend on a certain amount of mental toughness.

During this course, we'll cover ways to improve your resilience by using all resistance resources, available to you at any given time. Working together and going through stages you'll learn how to boost your confidence, the information would be factually based, and those skills can be reapplied when needed. Knowing how to do it you'll be able to help other people to feel more confident and stress-resilient.   

Resilience in Challenging Times
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