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UK Genealogy: Researching Wills and Probate

A guide to carrying out wills and probate searches, and reading and understanding probate records.
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The history of will making in the UK
What kind of information you can find in wills
Different types of probate record
How to search for wills online
The structure and content of old wills
Some tips on reading old handwriting

If you have already carried out some family history research and have made some way into your ancestry, you will now want to dig deeper.  Wills and probate records are some of the most interesting genealogy records you can use, giving you extra genealogical information, and insights into your ancestors' property, wealth, relationships and character.  If you think your ancestors may have left a will, but you find the search for wills confusing and complicated, this course will help to simplify the procedure, as well as giving you some guidance into understanding and reading them.

UK Genealogy: Researching Wills and Probate
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