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Research Methods Using Gorilla Experiment Builder

Attention research using Gorilla Experiment Builder
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Students will be introduced to a topic in psychology after which they will learn: 1) how to quickly and easily create an online experiment using Gorilla Experiment Builder, and 2) how to organise and analyse the data

If you're a researcher, or student, wanting to run an online behavioural (reaction time) experiment quickly and easily, this is the course for you! Gorilla Experiment Builder allows you to create online behavioural experiments using an intuitive graphical interface without needing to code.

On this course you'll learn about the psychological theories and key experiments in the field of selective attention. You'll see step-by-step how to design and deploy a psychology experiment online using the Gorilla Experiment Builder. Finally, we'll walk through both basic and advanced approaches to organising and analysing your data so that you get results fast.

Research Methods Using Gorilla Experiment Builder
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