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Comply with SEC Reporting Standards, Certs, and Frameworks

This course teaches specific steps to comply with SEC reporting standards, certifications, and frameworks.
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Evaluate why you want to select/report metrics.
Determine who your audience is.
Discover which reporting standards’ metrics apply to you: GRI-4, SASB, B-Corp, IRIS
Explore which metrics are most important for your purpose.

In this course we explore the differences (and commonalities) among various Social and Environmental reporting standards and their metrics systems.  You will understand why you want to identify, monitor and report social and environmental impact, and who your intended audience will be, as well as answer which stakeholder groups you should include.

We start with a comparison of the four most often referenced reporting standards/organizations and the metrics they use.  This leads into a conversation about which standards, certifications, and frameworks are most appropriate for your organization and why.  By the end, you will be able to discriminate among which system(s)/metrics are most appropriate for the organizations you work with.   

This course represents the second level in this area of study, Accounting for Sustainability: to comply with SEC requirements.  This series is designed to give accounting and finance professionals an:

  • overview,

  • immediate application, and

  • specific steps…

To investigate, select, and implement a sustainability reporting program for your company or your client.

Comply with SEC Reporting Standards, Certs, and Frameworks
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