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Reorganize Your Life and Your Stress

Build a More Stress-Resistant lifestyle
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Learn the secrets to creating a healthy, more stress-resistant lifestyle.
Discover how to reign in your runaway mind when it obsesses on unhelpful and troubling thoughts.
Uncover the secrets to accepting and co-existing with painful emotions such as worry, fear, and anxiety
Discover how to find your optimal balance between work, play, family, and other responsibilities.
Uncover the key to saying no to the people and demands that put you over the edge.
Discover how to relax your aching muscles and rid yourself of stress-related tension and nervous energy in healthy ways.

Reorganize is a wellness and lifestyle-based based approach to conquering your stress that makes you more hardy and stress-resistant. Hardiness revolves around the daily use of hardy health practices such as regular exercise, connecting with friends, or improving your spiritual practices. Practicing hardy health habits gives you more energy, a more optimistic outlook on life, and more resources to cope with stress. It also will help you prevent certain potential stressors from ever becoming actual stressors in the first place.

In this course you will discover seven easy action steps to reorganize all of the dimensions of your health. Take at least seven weeks to do this. Work on one aspect of your health each of the coming seven weeks. By the end of the seventh week you’ll have taken steps to improve all seven dimensions of your health and you’ll be on your way to becoming more stress-resistant by building a healthier lifestyle.

After finishing this course you will:

  • understand the relationship between lifestyle and stress

  • know what hardy health habits are and how they relate to stress

  • know how to build a more stress-resistant lifestyle

  • believe in your ability to cope with stress more effectively

Reorganize Your Life and Your Stress
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