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Rendering in Maya / Unreal / Marmoset / Sketchfab

Learn to render and light your 3D models in your favorite render engine!
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Render in Maya
Render in Unreal
Render in Marmoset
Render in Sketchfab
Understand Proper color space: when to use sRBG vs Raw
Render AOVs in Maya
Create custom backgrounds for your Maya renders using Photoshop
Create 3D Turntables in Maya
Learn about how Packed Maps can help optimize your scene
Create Marmoset Viewers
Prep your model for VR using Sketchfab

Rendering Tutorial - Maya (Arnold) / Unreal / Marmoset / Sketchfab
[3hr 36min] Project Files Included

This is a step-by-step tutorial showing how to render a realistic motorcycle in Maya, Unreal, Marmoset and Sketchfab. This course is designed to teach you how to take your materials from Substance Painter and transfer them into your render engine of choice. In the Maya lessons you will learn how to attach files to a material using proper color space. You will also learn how to render AOVs and render out a seamless turntable. Photoshop is used to show how to invert normal maps and create custom backgrounds for renders. You will be using blending modes and alpha channels to dial in your final renders. After Effects will be used to compile your image sequence from Maya to create a video file. The Unreal lesson show the PBR workflow and how to use Packed Maps to help optimize your scene. In Marmoset learn how to create the slick "layered" videos that allows users to view different aspects of your model. Finally in Sketchfab will cover all the 3D settings including prepping your model for VR.

All files need Maya 2020 or newer to open
Unreal, Marmoset, SketchFab, Photoshop, and After Effects are also used in this tutorial

Video Tutorials
There are 29 Video Tutorials averaging about 10 minutes per video. These can be viewed in order or feel free to jump into any lesson to just learn a specific technique.

Rendering in Maya / Unreal / Marmoset / Sketchfab
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