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Releasing the 5 Biggest Money Blocks Holding You Back

How a Prayer For Abundance and Real-World Investment Strategies Changed My Life and Can Change Yours Too!
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A prayer for abundance.
We will demystify investments, showing you the truth about what works and doesn't work when it comes to your investing success.
How to release the 5 biggest money blocks holding you back right now.

People want to have more money (working with the money they have), reduce debt and

pay less in taxes so that they can retire rich, vacation, pay for college, buy their dream home etc.

with financial peace of mind. Yet, so many feel overwhelmed by information and decisions. Some

are blocked when it comes to attracting or holding onto money. Others are too busy to deal with

handling their money and want to know they are using proven real-world investment strategies.

This talk will take the audience trough step-by-step actions to releasing the 5 biggest “money

blocks” holding you back from gaining confidence, clarity, and power in your financial life. How to

invest using a simple, proven strategy.


Hi Dawn,

I’m not sure if you remember me. I reached out ~3 mos ago with some general advice and to express gratitude for an online session you’d provided. You prayed with me over a job interview I was to have later that afternoon, and I’ve been saying a version of that prayer ever since. Though I was selected for the position, I discovered the environment wasn’t in alignment with the vision I have sharing my services and talent, and I learned much from the process. My professional and financial situation aren’t optimized at the moment, though today I am seeing more work coming my way, which gives me hope for the future :)

So I want to express gratitude to you for that, and for the prayer that has become a foundational part of my morning practice. I wish you well in the remains of 2020, and beyond.

Warm Regards,

Jennifer Huber

“Dawn shared her money prayer with me and even took the time to make sure I understood how to customize it. When I say it aloud with conviction it works every time. Sometimes it not exactly what I expect, but it always delivers.” Shoshana

Releasing the 5 Biggest Money Blocks Holding You Back
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