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Releasing Negative Beliefs & Thought-Patterns ~ Tara Brach

Using Mindfulness To Break Out of the Trance
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See how unconscious mental habits are established
Understand why you keep holding on to beliefs that cause suffering
Loosen the grip of beliefs that have been keeping you stuck in a rut
Release beliefs that fuel unhealthy behaviors
Discover what's possible when you no longer believe in old, limiting stories about yourself or other people

If we are suffering, we’re believing something that is limiting and untrue.

Many of us have a cluster of core beliefs that bind us in fear and feelings of deficiency. These beliefs lead to harmful habits—addictive behaviors, conflicts, avoiding risks—that get in the way of our productivity, our ability to enjoy intimacy with others and a creative, happy life.

This course shows how you can shine a light of mindful awareness on limiting beliefs, and taste the freedom that’s possible when you loosen their grip.

Whether you believe deep inside that you are unlovable or unworthy, unseen or misunderstood, your beliefs disconnect you from your own being and from the world. 

Suffering is a call to attention, your call to investigate the truth of your beliefs.  For a parent, the call might be the stranglehold of worry about a child’s welfare. For a business leader, it might be stress about a volatile market (or workplace). For a musician, it might be the disabling terror that accompanies performance. For a social activist, it might be despair in the face of seemingly endless injustice.

Wherever we feel most endangered, most separate, most ashamed or stuck: That’s where we need to shine the light of mindfulness to become more free.

Releasing Negative Beliefs & Thought-Patterns ~ Tara Brach
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