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Release Stress & Anxiety With EFT Tapping & Meditation

Connect - Release - Calm - Recharge
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Students will learn about the different types of stress and anxiety and how it impacts our bodies. They will learn how to mitigate the stress through grounding visualization, heart - mind alignment , calming the nervous system and by increasing one's neuroplasticity. Students will learn the importance of dopamine and serotonin and ways one can naturally increase those in one's body to help heal their own DNA. Students will learn daily practice tools and techniques to apply; as well as easy steps for emotional freedom tapping. Students will learn walk through steps for tapping away stress, anxiety, fear and worry; while tapping in positive reassuring thoughts and affirmations. There are also two different meditations included in this workshop to help one relax, ground, connect and release stress and anxiety from the mind, body and spirit.

Join me as we walk through how to release stress and anxiety through EFT tapping and meditation.  We explore the different types of stress and how it impacts our body, mind and spirit. We look at neuroplasticity, why it is important and how we can maintain & increase it.  We navigate through various daily practice exercises allowing you to explore daily practices from sound activation and grounding through to energy exercises and heart mind alignment practices.  We then move into the meditation module, exploring different types of meditations.  Finally we end with the emotional freedom tapping module where we will review the process and techniques before doing a full practice of it, releasing stress and anxiety. 

Release Stress & Anxiety With EFT Tapping & Meditation
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