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Release And Renew For Body Mind And Spirit

For Women Over 40 struggling with changes in menopause
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What foods to eat for energy and vitality
How to identify your limiting beliefs
Find out what your energy drains are
How to practice self care
How to bring more balance, happiness and fulfillment into your life
How to have more freedom around your relationship with food

Are you a woman over 40 and:

You feel unhappy for no reason

You say yes to too many things, when sometimes you don’t want to do them

You don’t feel useful

You can’t seem to accomplish anything

You do not know what you truly want in your life

You are so busy and you don’t have time to focus on your life

You don’t feel good about how you look and feel

You are tired most of the time and lack motivation

You have lost your “get up and go” attitude

You have lost that loving feeling?

You have everything you need within you. Change starts with you. If you are not happy with your life, you can do something about it. Starting from today, you can re write your story.  Release trauma from your past and your mistakes and Renew your life for the future. 

If you are not fulfilled and truly happy with yourself and take good care of your health, then you are not giving 100% to others and also not living your true potential.

This is your chance to release the old and welcome in the new and renew your health and vitality.

I want to share with you how you can release and renew your body mind and soul by:

Eating foods to nourish, not punish

Creating a self care practice

Find out what is draining your energy

What are your limiting beliefs

How to become more self aware

How to set up your own mindset ritual

Release And Renew For Body Mind And Spirit
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