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Relax With Chinese Painting - Persimmon and Waxwing

Chinese Gongbi Painting
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Paint the persimmon fruits and waxwing birds in the Chinese Gongbi painting style
Paint hard and soft feathers
Paint a nice painting with a good meaning

This refined painting is perfect to release mental stress and restore your energy. Over 2,000 years ago this art originated from China, and this art form still enjoys its solid status in the art world until today. In this course, we will start from scratch, from the familiarisation of the painting materials to painting various flowers, birds, fruits and insects. We will also discuss relevant Chinese cultural aspects during our classes.

Like a bottle of good wine, this painting requires patience and care, which you will cultivate along the painting process, and you will slow down automatically, as will the world around you - enjoy this excellent time of peace and quiet.

In our course, we will continue with our bird theme, and adding to our skill set, this time we are also going to learn to paint hard feathers while reviewing all the other skills such as soft feather, ink and color laying on the other images. This is also a painting with a nice meaning, therefore in our course, we will also speak about the meaning of paintings, so that you are better equipped for intercultural communications.

Come join me and paint your very own "all the best"!

Relax With Chinese Painting - Persimmon and Waxwing
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